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This time we invited 11 senior authority sommeliers, recommend them to our house wine per person Private necessary. These wines are inexpensive and well-known winery produced a large area, but the basic price of around 15-20 dollars a bottle, can be described as "entry level" wine. These wines are particularly suitable for casual drink at home, do not worry about a throwaway. Let's take a look at celebrity recommend it.

Jordan Sasi Tuo (Jordan Salcito)

Wine Director Momofuku Restaurant Group: Professional

Private wine: Punta Crena Mataòssu ($ 15)

Ms. Sasi Tuo said recently she was particularly obsessed with Italian white wines. After work, she usually pour a cup Mataossu from the areas of Liguria. Mataossu unique taste, rich and complete show Mataossu varietal characteristics.

Nick Bennett (NICK BENNETT)

Occupation: Booker and Dax bar foreman; Thrillist magazine reporter

Private Wine: Spain Amy Marie - Lubei Zi Rosé (Ameztoi Txakolina Rubentis Rosé) ($ 22)

Bennett tells us, because Lubei Zi pink wine is difficult to buy, so long as he saw it would store a few sticks. This wine has a bright and cheerful pink color, and contains some of the carbonic acid, so there's a hint of sparkling wine taste. He said with a smile after a hard day, sip rosé Lubei Zi has become his best way of relaxing.

Bob Foley (BOB FOLEY)

Occupation: Robert Foley (Robert Foley) wines and winemakers manor

Private wine: blessed winery Fa Lanna (Feudi di San Gregorio Falanghina) ($ 15)

Foley could feel in his heart and Pinot Blanc wines such adorned with wild comparable, is blessed the Fa Lanna a winery. The rear entrance interrupt table wine taste full-bodied, crisp suit with food. It not only has beautiful pear aroma, but unlike some Pinot Gris as slightly higher acidity. But Fa Lanna also absolutely not taste sweet, even with some dry it. Generally, we acquire this wine appetizers, wine and then replaced by another. However, once this wine to drink on the people not stop, I can only be dubbed our "civilized" the.

Diane. Paduofenni (DIANE PANDOLFINI)

Position: Los Angeles restaurant sommelier Cardinals

Private wine: Clare Valley in South Australia Hanlin Hill Riesling (Petaluma Hanlin Hill Riesling, Clare Valley, Australia) ($ 20).

Pandolfini, said Hanlin Hill Riesling has been her friends for dinner aperitif choice. Wine rich flavor and crisp texture of minerals reminiscent of fresh sea air. Therefore, this wine with oysters for people over the teeth is absolutely unforgettable. Commander John lei exudes the aroma of jasmine and fresh lime, making the surrounding atmosphere could not help but relaxed.

Mayi Er. Suba Luo (MAYUR SUBBARAO)

Position: Bittermens Spirits founder

Private wine: 巴尔梅布彻 Riesling (Domaine Barmes-Buecher Riesling) ($ 21)

When the New York spring time, Subbarao would like to sit and enjoy this wonderful time of quiet days on its own terrace. When night fell, he would want to come to a cup full of flowers, with a hint of lemon and honey-like taste 巴尔梅布彻 Riesling. Subbarao said that this Alsat Srebrenica commander fruit and acidity, allowing the New York summer have become not so tough. So long as he has the opportunity to go back to their own wine shop frequented Enough to buy it.


Position: Bar Boulud wine director

Private Wine: Arguineguin Ross - Atlantis - Santorini (Estate Argyros "Atlantis," Santorini, Greece) ($ 15)

Madrigale said it was her bottle of red wine per year home standing white wine, a bottle of recent years was in 2013. She said she would like to drink anywhere on the bite, but usually after 12 hours Madrigale are busy work, came home one day to lift a cup of fatigue. Of course, if there are sunny weather, she would sit on the apartment fire exits, while enjoying the sun while sipping Atlantis, roadside watching people coming and going. The basic white wine grapes wine from Aspen Quantico, salty taste with a hint of peach flavor, firm texture and intense.

Thiago Meira Leah Ludwig (DIEGO MERAVIGLIA)

Title: North American Sommelier Association, Director of Education

Private Wine: Cantine Garrone Munaloss Rosso Red ($ 18)

Tiago standing at home a box Munaloss Rosso Red. Munaloss Rosso Red produced in Northern Italy Piedmont areas, each drank this wine, it will make Tiago remembered his hometown. According to him, between his home next to snow-capped mountains in the Alps of northern Italy and 南瑞士, this wine is an essential wine in their local pub. He says the history of wine can be traced back to 3,000 years ago Celtic tribes settled here. Munaloss Rosso Red blend of Nabiaoluo grapes, grape Barbera and Bonarda grapes. The wine has a non-vintage wine oak barrels and fresh fruit flavors mountain forest, trees and flowers are. And this wine alcohol content of only 12%, and therefore can be assured of top afraid to drink to get drunk.

Oscar this medicine (OSKAR BYNKE)

Position: Hermann winery manager and joint owner

Private Wine: 阿尔比诺巴 Bella (Albino Rocca Barbera d'Alba) ($ 17)

阿尔比诺巴 Bynke Bella is one of the favorite wine. The reason why he loved this wine, because it can wake up on a number of days without loss of taste. For example, open Monday after a glass of wine, you can come, then sober up until Tuesday or Wednesday, drink a cup, you will find this sober taste better after a day or two. For starters wine is concerned, it is absolutely guaranteed price.

Alexander La lats (ALEXANDER LAPRATT)

Position: Atrium DUMBO boss

Private wine: Château Marquis Collection jam in red wine (Marques de Caceres Rioja Reserva) ($ 17)

La lats love this wine sophisticated taste, the aroma of sour fruit with herbs, spices and flavor of old leather. It alcohol moderate acidity but on the side, so it is suitable with a variety of foods. And this bottle of red wine collection has been available for years, so the quality is guaranteed.

Matthew Holm Jacques (MATTHEW HOMYAK)

Position: Stag Dining Group President and Chief Director of Wine

Private Wine: Sauvignon Blanc dry white gold Patrizi (Bodkin Sauvignon Blanc "The Victor's Spoils") ($ 17)

Matthew will have a bottle in the refrigerator at least the latest year Patrizi dry white gold, especially in the summer season asymptotically. Moreover, this wine winemaker is my good friend, his years as an assistant winemaker at a large winery in California's wine country in Napa, came out and created a brand Patrizi gold. I particularly appreciate his treatment of this dry white Sauvignon passion and technique. He brewed a total of four different types of dry white gold Patrizi, including California's first branch dry white bubbles. Patrizi dry white gold mixed with grapefruit and mandarin orange in tone, especially for small fresh drinking them.

Ethan. Lindy West (ETHAN LINDQUIST)

Position: Ethan Wines winemaker; Qupe Wine Marketing & Sales

Private Wine: France Cui Ning Rosé (Triennes Rosé) ($ 15)

Ethan liked this wine, it has a pleasant sweet pink, crisp and lively flavors. If you can, Ethan can not wait to drink it every day. Cui Ning Rosé can be used with a variety of dishes from pizza to Asian-style food, so even the Thanksgiving turkey dinner, he would buy a few bottles to match the feast of traditional dishes.