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In order to play a role, too many actors have made great sacrifices, through fitness, diet or feeding frenzy to change their body, Christian - Bell and other actors and even so called "masochist." Let's take a look at all these years has been to alter the body's acting crazy actors.

1. Bradley - Cooper (Bradley Cooper) to star in "American Sniper" (American Sniper) weight gain of 40 pounds (18 kilograms).

To starred in the film "American Sniper", has won the Academy Award-nominated popular movie star Bradley - Cooper at 10 weeks of weight gain 40 pounds. Cooper allegedly in order to gain weight specially hired a trainer, physical training once every two days. 5:00 in the morning he will begin the first phase of the exercise, mainly hard lift, squat such training, lay the foundation for additional weight gain. The second phase of the exercise begins every afternoon, mainly because some traditional muscle training. Cooper in the film as the US Navy ace sniper - Chris Kyle (Chris Kyle), so he must have a compelling body strong.

2. Jack - Gyllenhaal (Jake Gyllenhaal) to star in "Night Stalker" (Nightcrawler) weight 30 pounds (13.6 kilograms).

Gyllenhaal in "Night Stalker" and starred in a crazy a freelance photojournalist, in order to cause the so-called unscrupulous. Gyllenhaal plays the role of a beginning is a vagrant, emaciated, relying on petty theft for a living. In order to play this role, Gyllenhaal weight loss of 30 pounds. Gyllenhaal said he has no special diets, weight loss is purely by fasting:. ". I will try to ingest fewer calories if you feel hungry, you're right," another Gyllenhaal often run from home to the studio, during a full 15 miles away. Tablets supporting role Leeds - Ahmed (Riz Ahmed) revealed to the media: Gyllenhaal and often flavored chewing gum special, deceive ourselves really eat.

3. - Chris Pratt (Chris Pratt) in order to "Guardians of the Galaxy" (Guardians of the Galaxy) weight 60 pounds (27.2 kilograms).

In order to play this movie Pratt completely quit beer, specially hired a trainer and nutritionist help yourself lose weight. Pratt daily exercise program, including running, swimming, boxing, taekwondo and triathlon, consume at least 4000 calories a day. Pratt said: "To lose weight I do not even have to eat a little more, but it's gotta be right to eat healthy food."

4. Natalie - Portman (Natalie Portman) in order to play "Black Swan" (Black Swan) weight 20 pounds (9.1 kg)

Portman plays in "Black Swan" in a ballerina, for which she became the carrots and almonds staple diet, every day also work five to eight hours, this should not be further reduced her body fat down. Portman said: "There are few nights I even feel like I'm going to die, this is the first time I realize that play a role dedicated to make a person sick.." But it is also valuable, Portman with this movie won the Oscar. Interestingly, the film played out immediately Portman pregnant, this change is definitely weighing on rare in the world.

5. "Black Swan" in another actress Mira - Kuni Si (Mila Kunis) is also reduced by 20 pounds (9.1 kg).

In order to "Black Swan" movie is hard to lose weight more than one person Portman, the film actress Mira - Kuni Si will also do this weight was reduced to 98 pounds (44.5 kilograms). 库妮丝 thin after almost crazy: "I finally understand why so X egg industry, and I look at myself in the mirror, thin, shapeless, even the chest are gone ... lost to only see the bones . "This film a crank, the actress immediately immediate concern JFK Airport Panda Expres fast food restaurant eat a meal, then fly back to Los Angeles and bought a big burger. Kuni Si also joked: "I spent five months to lose 20 pounds, the results came back a few hours on the fat."

6. Anne - Hathaway (Anne Hathaway) in order to "Les Miserables" (Les Miserables) weight 16 pounds (7.2 kg).

In order to play "Les Miserables," a close shave Hathaway bald hairstyle, and 16 pounds of weight loss, but also really "Les Miserables," the. Another actress who played "The Dark Knight Rises" (The Dark Knight Rises) after the film became a vegetarian, eat cabbage every day, has been to adhere to exercise.

7. - Tom Hardy (Tom Hardy) in order to play "The Dark Knight Rises" (The Dark Knight Rises) The villain Bane (Bane) weight gain of 30 pounds (13.6 kilograms).

Some people think that not enough Hardy's physique to play the role of Bane, and some comic book fans unhappy about this casting. Whether comic or animation, Bane is a villain has exaggerated muscles, he was able to lift 1500 pounds (680 kg) of stuff. Hardy had before filming began a media interview, he revealed his plan to gain weight to 198 pounds (89.8 kg). He did eventually succeeded in getting their weight increased to 190 pounds (86.1 kg), but some comic book fans still unhappy, when Hardy was later vindicated in an interview, said:. "I weigh 190 pounds to Batman fans I hope I can reach 220 pounds (99.8 kg) or 400 pounds (181 kg) of body weight. Batman just like Superman, Spider-Man, as are a lot of people, we all like him. So when you play this role, we must inevitably failed. To be fair, I'm a human being. I have read some things that I have read people's comments, and then I started to cry, I'm not a casual person crying. I made efforts for the fans, This was the result of my every effort in. Please believe me, believe the director Nolan. "make such a big sacrifice in exchange for not yet recognized by all, Hardy also be sad case.

8. Christian - Bell (Christian Bale) to play "mechanic" (The Machinist) crazy hunger and weight 63 pounds (28.6 kilograms).

Christian - Bell to play "mechanic" movie madness weight to 122 pounds (55.3 kg), and film director Brad - Anderson (Brad Anderson) absolutely does not require him to do so! Bell told the BBC said, "my heart stubborn wayward nature had an idea, and I was deeply attracted to this idea. I want to see if I can break through their limits, beyond someone told me safe and healthy piece of border line. "Bell, three meals a day recipes simple exaggeration, only digestible vitamin tablets, an apple and a can of tuna, then Bell also insisted on running exercise. More surprising is that Bell finished "mechanic" weight gain in five months after the 100 pounds (45.3 kg), respond to 220 pounds (99.8 kg) of body weight, and then took on Nolan directed " Batman "trilogy. Bell said in an interview: "I can make adjustments according to the script needs, but only if I'm really obsessed with this role."

9. Bell can be regarded as the entertainment industry's "masochist", then he would order "American Hustle" (American Hustle) the film weight gain of 43 pounds (19.5 kilograms).

Bell's weight really is like a spring increase can be reduced. In 2013 he starred in "American Hustle" one, in order to play the role of the film fat bloated, he frantically eating donuts and cheeseburgers, and ultimately weight gain of 43 pounds. To this end, but Bell paid a heavy price, his weight increased to 228 pounds (103 kg), he became a shaved bald modeling, have Hanxiong hump when filming, ultimately leading to a lumbar disc problems. Interestingly, another film actor Robert - De Niro (Robert de Niro) in the studio did not even recognize the self-destructive style of Bell, who also asked Bell in the end he is.

10. Matt - Damon (Matt Damon) in order to "whistleblowers" (The Informant) weight gain of 30 pounds (13.6 kilograms).

Matt - Damon to play "whistleblowers" in the wretched informant who gain weight at 30 pounds, it is interesting that he has fun. Damon said in an interview: "I'm just fat dough I began frantically eating, drinking stout between lunch and dinner, I still eat McDonald's takeaway studio and Doritos corn chips this is really paradise of life.. . "

11. Renee - Zellweger (Renée Zellweger) in order to "BJ Jones's Diary" (Bridget Jones's Diary), "Chicago" (Chicago) and "BJ Jones's Diary 2" (Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason) repeated changes in body weight .

Renee - Zellweger described as a female version of the Christian - Bell, in order to "BJ Jones's Diary" and other films she repeatedly adjust their body weight, a weight gain of 20 pounds would be (9 kg), one would then lose 20 pounds, back again again and again weighs 20 pounds. Zellweger starred in "BJ Jones's Diary 2" before, said: "I am ready, I am willing and able to adjust their weight Bridget (Bridget) is an iconic my role, I am willing to play this role. and weight gain. "To gain weight, Zellweger need to eat 4000 calories a day of food.

12. George - Clooney (George Clooney) in order to "Syriana" (Syriana) weight gain of 30 pounds (13.6 kilograms).

George - Clooney in 2005 starred in "Syriana," one, in the film plays a CIA officers, for which he gained weight 30 pounds. For him, this is not a beautiful experience. Clooney said: "This is not funny, this movie is no fun, of course this is not a shred of the film or the director Stephen - plus Han (Stephen Gaghan) criticism.." 

Another drama actor Matt - Damon says Clooney because the film can not play and exercise, which makes him upset, and even some depression. Clooney immediately after these weight lose, then starred in the film "- Michael Clayton" (Michael Clayton). Interestingly, he lost so much weight, so a lot of media suspicion that he was sick, for Clooney's spokesman issued a statement specially rumor.

13. Charlize - Theron (Charlize Theron) to the movie "Monster" (Monster) weight gain 30 pounds (13.6 kilograms).

Goddess Charlize - Theron starred in the 2003 movie based on a true story "Monster", in the film she plays a prostitute and serial killer, for which she was only 30 pounds of weight gain, but also at destroying the image, incarnation of a freckled, a mouth yellow teeth, very sturdy vulgar woman. Theron said in an interview: "I started frantically eating Krispy Kreme donuts, tired after I ate, I really like eating potato chips, so the weight gain it I was very happy I actually secretly hidden. had a lot of chips, can always come to eat. " This breakthrough performance also makes Theron won the Oscar that term. After filming the movie, she immediately return to weight-loss success and image of the goddess, starred in the movie "gone three lines" (Head in the Clouds).

14. - Tom Hanks (Tom Hanks) in order to "Cast Away" (Castaway) minus the 55 pounds (25 kilograms).

2000 - Tom Hanks took a role in the adaptation of the true story of the movie "Cast Away," in the film as a modern version of Robinson, for his own body weight from 225 pounds (102 kg) less to 170 lbs (77 kg). Hanks said afterwards: "My God, I miss those French fries, French fries that the only thing I did not quit, only coffee ... Of course, I did not even intend to quit coffee!" Hanks 1992 starred in the movie "Pink Union" (A League of Their Own) when the weight gain of 30 pounds (13.6 kg), after which he immediately took a role in "The Philadelphia Story" (Philadelphia), who plays a lawyer suffering from AIDS, Andrew - Andrew Beckett ( Andrew Beckett), for which he immediately lost 26 pounds (11.8 kilograms).

15. Ryan - Reynolds (Ryan Reynolds) in order to "Blade 3" (Blade Trinity) increased by 25 pounds (11.3 kilograms) of muscle.

Personal trainer Bobby Reynolds - Storm (Bobby Storm), told reporters that in order to practice out of a muscle, fitness Reynolds 90 minutes a day and stick to 6,7 months, and ultimately increase the weight to 200 pounds (90.7 kilograms ). Storm said: "If the play is a romantic comedy, he would have to lose some weight if you are." Blade Runner "or" Green Lantern "(Green Lantern) like action movies, he would have to maintain 200 pounds of body weight and 8% body fat. play comedy or love films, he is generally 180 pounds (81.6 kg) weight, body fat content of 11%. "Reynolds interview disclosed that in order to play well," Blade: Trinity "He weight 25 pounds, adhere 3200 calorie content of recipes every day and six days a week and stick to a full gym three months. 

16. Vincent - Duonuofeiao (Vincent D'Onofrio) in order to "Full Metal Jacket" (Full Metal Jacket) weight gain of 70 pounds (31.7 kilograms).

Duonuofeiao fat image in the film "Full Metal Jacket" in the very upstage, for which he gained weight 70 pounds, which is also set for a role in film history record for the most weight gain. 2002 in order to play "Miles Pupil" (The Salton Sea) He also weight gain of 45 pounds.

17. Hilary - Swank (Hillary Swank) in order to "Million Dollar Baby" (Million Dollar Baby) weight gain 19 pounds (8.6 kg).

2005's "Million Dollar Baby" is a very inspirational movie, the film eventually won the Oscar for Best Picture, Actress Hilary - Swank also by virtue of the film after the Oscar award, the actor's success among the frontline ranks. In the film Swank plays a female boxer, for which she insisted fitness exercise, intake of 210 grams of protein a day, insist on 90 days. Swank said: "I accept every two and a half hours of boxing training, weightlifting and then half an hour to two hours a day, six days per week fitness increase the producers asked me 10 pounds (4.5 kilograms) of muscle. eventually I added 19 pounds (8.6 kilograms) of muscle. I eventually weigh 110 pounds (49.9 kg), and ultimately to 129 pounds (58.5 kilograms). I can not eat disposable 8-12 eggs, so only Drink egg white, it really is the worst thing. "

18. - Kingsley (Ben Kingsley) in order to "Gandhi" (Gandhi) lose 20 pounds (9.1 kg) and shaved his head.

Director Richard - Attenborough (Richard Attenborough) It took 20 years to find an actor who plays Mahatma Gandhi, he finally handed over the role of the famous British hero - Kingsley.

Kingsley's father of Indian descent, he also played the role made adequate preparation - he read a biography of Gandhi, saw many photos, shaved a bald, then follow Gandhi's vegetarian recipes to lose 20 pounds of body weight. Kingsley also delivered the final, the film received 11 Oscar nominations, and ultimately remove eight awards for best film, best actor, best director, including.

19. Robert - De Niro (Robert de Niro) to "Raging Bull" (Raging Bull) weight gain of 60 pounds (27.2 kilograms).

In order to play the legendary boxer Jack - Mota (Jake LaMotta), De Niro and Mota I even crazy fitness training together to practice out of a sinew meat, better fit into the role in. De Niro even attended the three boxing matches to better living experience Mota year. To comply with Mota's body, De Niro weight gain 60 pounds, so De Niro makes dramatic changes in body shape rashes, respiratory tract also out of the question. But then again, pay always rewarding, De Niro final harvest a Golden Globe and Academy Award double winner.

20. Demi - Moore (Demi Moore) in order to play "GI Jane" (GI Jane) crazy training, reduce their body fat ratio.

In 1997 by director Ridley - Scott (Ridley Scott) directed the film "GI Jane", the Demi - Moore played the first female US Navy SEALs Jordan - O'Neill (Jordan O'Neill) , for which she had to accept the former SEALs trainer training alone. Her diet is high protein, high-calorie foods, including chicken breast, salmon, spinach, broccoli and so on. Including Demi - Moore, including all the actors have accepted the army's high intensity training, including training across the barrier, push-ups, sit-ups, and so on. Moore later recalled: "I could have let me do these avatars to back training, but I'll miss the opportunity to experience first military training, which is actually the reason why I took on this film." For this reason Moore also cut the long hair, which for the purposes of an actress can say is a big sacrifice.

21. Ryan - Gosling (Ryan Gosling) in order to play "The Lovely Bones" (The Lovely Bones) weight gain of 60 pounds.

This is a very sad reminder of the story. Hollywood popular movie star Ryan - Gosling in 2009 in order to receive speech, "The Lovely Bones" and weight gain 60 pounds (27.2 kg), but director Peter Jackson - (Peter Jackson) did not recognize the sacrifice he made, and then he lost this role.

Gosling said: "Jackson gave me this role when I was 150 pounds (68 kg) weight, but I appeared at the studio have 210 pounds (95.2 kg) we have a different view on the role of shape, I. really think so fat in relation to this role. I made a lot of sacrifices, I Haagen-Dazs ice cream melts and thirsty when they take a drink. "Gosling admit this looks pretty bad shape, But he felt a grieving father in relation to the case. He said: "I really think so, and I am very excited about his change but when I appeared in the studio, they told me: 'You look really bad,' I replied: 'I know. This is not great it 'and then I was fired because of great "But Jackson's wife flange -?. Walsh (Fran Walsh) said is another story, she said Gosling for this role is not sure, So just fired him.