Libby Kane
Business Insider

The annual Valentine's Day is coming, many people still want to pick their brains a fresh twist right Valentine's Day gift. For many shy bladder friend is concerned, this selection process is particularly difficult. Today, a small series of 25 carefully selected cheap Valentine's Day gift, you only need 300 dollars ($ 50) is sufficient, with a look below and see!

1. "American Sniper" fiction

By Clint - Eastwood (Clint Eastwood) guidance, Bradley - Cooper (Bradley Cooper), starring "American Sniper" (American Sniper) is the nation aggressively, the film is this year's Oscars One strong contender. "American Sniper" adapted from the autobiography of the same name, tells the US Navy Seals sharpshooter - Chris Kyle (Chris Kyle) legend. After reading the novel, you will better understand the history of the legendary sniper on the US military.

Price: $ 6

2. sweet card

Past men and women tend to aid letters teaser, now telephone and network brings people closer distance, letters and cards to communicate this retro romantic way but one kind of unique. This card has been filled with sweet lovers very suitable as a gift, sweet have been printed on paper, and only need to hook selector on it.

Price: $ 7

3. Photo Snow Ball

Snow Ball This gadget is certainly old-fashioned, but still pleasant, will you and your lover's photo into a custom snow ball inside, the two memories sealed up.

Price: $ 12

4. literary beer mug

Only beer mug emblazoned with a variety of beers classification knowledge and want to know what kind of beer drinking it? Look at the cup to know.

Price: $ 14

5. Heart-shaped pattern pants

Such a big red heart-shaped pattern and printed pants and Valentine festive atmosphere pavilions.

Price: $ 14.5

6. "The size of the lie."

"Size lies" housewife with three female protagonists, tells them to make choices in life crossroads. This mother of three young lives seem perfect, but a murder mystery party, but the parents broke their quiet life, and ultimately leads to a bizarre twists and turns of the story. This novel is easy ascent last summer, "New York Times" bestseller list, also known as one of 2014's best novels. This novel has been determined to be changed to a stall US drama, Nicole - Kidman (Nicole Kidman) and Reese - Witherspoon (Reese Witherspoon) two Oscar-winning actress will join hands appeared.

7. "40 days of the date"

Living in New York for a pair of designer friends decided to conduct a bold attempt: they will begin to fill a 40-year love experiments, and their stories on the Internet to share with you. On a website called 40daysofdating, the two way through graphic and video about the wonderful experience of love.
Today, this short but quite meaningful love experience has been written a book for men and women in the depths of love, this book will give them some different experience, they will learn a lot of things .

Price: $ 18.50

8. Champagne Chocolate Truffles

How can we not have champagne and chocolate Valentine's Day? This champagne flavored liqueur truffles add to the fun will be one of the best Valentine's Day gift this year.

Price: $ 20

9. Using ingredients from Blue Apron prepare sumptuous meals

Want to seize the lover's heart, you have to grab his / her stomach. Valentine's Day this year, hold your loved personally prepare sumptuous meals. You do not even have to go out now you can get fresh ingredients, ingredients and distribution electricity supplier Blue Apron can be fresh and high quality ingredients together and have a good mix of accompanying recipes delivered to your home. Now you only need to do 35 minutes of a meal, save trouble and effort.

10. Set natural green herb planting

Many people like to plant some plants and flowers in their own home or something, but in their own home-grown some herbs can be useful but it is a wonderful and interesting experience. The natural green herb planting kit contains three very popular cooking with herbs: oregano, chives and basil grass species as far as you want to cook with, or purely ornamental plants when it is your own thing.

Price: $ 22

11. Bacon Chocolate Kit

For friends love to eat meat, the bacon chocolate can definitely be the best Valentine's Day gift. This box contains nine suits Bacon Bacon chocolate chocolate, milk chocolate, which is four, five type of dark chocolate, just right for two people disposable eating day of the festival.

Price: $ 25

12. Losing monthly service

Just spend $ 27 monthly fee, you can receive a carefully as you choose vinyl discs, as well as a cocktail with matching paintings. For today's young people is concerned, such a Valentine's Day gift split draw with both the equipment sentiment dual needs.

Price: $ 27

13. Couple Pillowcase

Young people always like to express to each other at all times the highest power, lifelong affection will not. "I love you" and "I understand" these two classic lines from the "Star Wars" speech Princess Leia and Han Solo in between your own bed pillows to put two words printed on a couple of pillows set is definitely the best way to show affection for.

Price: $ 28

14. Stainless Steel Shot Glass

The stainless steel cup in the cup spirits who printed the classic Spanish toast: Arriba, abajo, al centro, pa 'dentro used for family gatherings!.

Price: $ 30

15. The couple tablespoons

This tablespoons printed above "his coffee", "her tea" is a pun in English, but a small spoon full of love and understanding between each other.

16. Cosmetic round

Cosmetic essential thing is that many women can not do without the daily, on Valentine's Day to send such a compact yet functional bag, intimate and affordable.

Price: $ 34.5

17. Scarf

Scarf is one of the classic gift to give love, Valentine's Day is in February. This scarf hand to your lover surrounded, and my heart leapt into the sky of love in the cold winter days make you feel very warm.

Price: $ 35

18. Flasks

For many men, carry a small jug has exceeded its own value, it is a highlight the personal temperament and masculine accessories. If your spouse was a man happens to love wine, then this will be a flagon of the best Valentine's Day gift this year.

Price: $ 35

19. Love Shorts

This short pants fluffy love Valentine's Day is not only in line with the theme, but also add a little fun atmosphere for lovers of life.

Price: $ 36

20. The decorative stripe scarf

Valentine's Day this year happens to be Saturday, neatly dressed couples out on a date certain number, an exquisite decorative scarf will add luster to your partner. The stripe scarf with red, yellow, blue, green and other colors, you can mix different colors of clothes. Of course, the best Valentine's Day or choose the most festive red.

Price: $ 40

21. Double picnic basket

Valentine's Day picnic sounds like a very romantic thing, but this picnic basket exactly what you need. Cups, plates, tablecloths and cutlery, picnic dining utensils everything you need can be found in this basket, but also happens to be two parts.

Price: $ 40

22. The heart-shaped earrings

The pair of Marc by Marc Jacobs heart-shaped earrings for my girlfriend will make her ecstatic.

Price: $ 42

23. Crystal Necklace

For women, jewelry always have their irresistible charm. The crystal necklace either dinner or cocktail party wearing very fit, generous and would not particularly assertive, more importantly, the price is not expensive.

Price: $ 44.5

24. Travel scrapbook

Every trip are good memories. And his wife wanted to travel up the permanent collection of memories? Rely solely on photos and video is clearly not enough of it! This can not only travel scrapbooks paste photos, you can also text your mood and zero other bits and pieces of things together and clip collections.

Price: $ 45

25. Anchor Bracelet

The red and white color anchor bracelet chic style, ideal for outings or friends at the party wear, give as a gift of love is very appropriate.

Price: $ 48